For over six years, Alvologic Technologies has been offering innovative and custom solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in various industries. We are committed to helping our customers acquire and sustain a competitive advantage by leveraging information technology.

Ensuring customer delight is a top priority for us and we work collaboratively with our clients at every step of the project.

Our Portfolio of Services Includes:

Our structured approach, global delivery model and technology expertise has enabled us to provide software solutions for businesses that help them sustain growth in a complex and challenging business environment.

Mission & Vision

At Alvologic Technologies, we believe in constant innovation and learning, building trust and integrity, delighting customers, and adding significant value to our clients and, their businesses.


To build innovative and state of the art web applications tailored to meet the unique business requirements of every client that we serve.


To be a globally reputed custom software solutions provider with the core objective of building scalable and secure applications for our clients.

Why Alvologic

We are committed to offering the highest quality service and business value to our clients. To achieve this objective, we ensure that our beliefs are reflected in our routine processes at work. Outlined below are the unique differentiators that we bring to the table:

End-to-End solutions provider

At Alvologic Technologies, we believe in being a reliable and trusted partner, offering comprehensive software solutions to all our clients.

Leveraging our technology expertise, we deploy secure, high-performance solutions that deliver excellent business value for our customers- tell us your ideas and we will turn it into reality.

Process driven approach

With our process based approach and proven methodologies, we have built a strong track record of customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.

By adopting industry best practices, we ensure total transparency during project execution through well-defined phases, namely, discovery, design, development, quality control, user acceptance testing, and final deployment.

Warranty, maintenance and support

At Alvologic Technologies, we believe that the work does not end with a one-time deployment of solutions.

We offer limited warranty support services for our customers. Upon completion of warranty, we offer annual maintenance contracts; to provide ongoing support and maintenance through periodic phone calls, site visits and task management systems.

Cross platform support

Our objective is to help clients increase their business value by offering them actionable and tailored solutions. Our solutions are:

Platform agnostic - Solutions that work in diverse operating systems

Device agnostic - Solutions that work on multiple devices: smart phones, tablets, PC and Mac

Technology agnostic – We offer solutions in PhP, Java, RoR, and Python. Our choice of technology is not based on our preference or resource availability, but it is made keeping in mind the unique business needs of our clients.

Proven leadership

Our leadership team comprises of industry veterans with complementary skills across the web development spectrum.

We believe in and share the passion for creating software solutions that delight customers. The leadership team has extensive experience working with American and Australian clients, and the execution team benefits from their insights, thereby creating success stories every day.

Commitment to quality

At Alvologic Technologies, our commitment to quality is at the foundation of every customer solution that we devise. To ensure this, we invest in recruiting the best talent in the industry, including certified developers, six sigma certified testers and experienced project managers.

We frequent technology conferences and programming meetups to ensure continuous training of our teams on industry best practices. Improving quality of products, processes and services is an ongoing process, resulting in improved client satisfaction, each and every time.

At Alvologic Technologies, we believe in and adhere to one simple equation:

High Quality Personnel + High Quality Process = High Quality Solutions.

Global delivery model

Through our global delivery model we help our clients meet their business requirements by implementing faster and effective solutions that are in compliance with the local regulatory standards.

We offer emergency support during business hours; reiterating our commitment to smooth functioning of your business operations.

Client focus

At Alvologic Technologies, we are committed to creating exceptional value for our clients by implementing best-in-class solutions while adhering to industry best practices.

We adopt a partnership approach where we support your goals and objectives by considering ourselves as stakeholders in your business. For example, to understand your business needs better, we offer 10 hours free consulting that covers feasibility study, identification of technology stack, and development of a project time line.

Our Journey

At Alvologic Technologies, we focus as much on our journey as on our destination. About a decade ago, we set out to transform the web market by creating solutions that would change the way organizations do business. We are proud of how far we have come along on this journey and look forward to continue helping our clients find solutions to their challenging business problems in today’s connected world.