Strengthen your brand presence online and expand your customer base with an intuitive and bespoke web design
  • Responsive, custom web design for SMBs and large enterprisesTurnkey website design – an end-to-end solution starting with information architecture
  • Mobile UI design that seamlessly blends usability and functionality
  • Use of rich internet applications, including EmberJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS.
  • Social media integration
We build responsive and user friendly websites that are optimized for multiple devices, including laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

Alvologic Technologies has over a decade of experience building intuitive and user-friendly websites. Our UI/UX team ensures that the site navigation, information architecture and content presentation on your website is in alignment with your business goals and objectives.

Is your website too cookie cutter? If yes, it’s time you invest in a customized and professionally designed website. Here’s why!

Increased queries and conversions:Web portals with a rich front end and easy to use navigation enhance user experience, and subsequently lead to increase in sales inquiries and conversions.

Enhanced visibility:Highlighting top selling services and products by strategically placing them in prominent areas on the website helps achieve enhanced visibility online.

Superior branding:Impress visitors with a professional looking website, and consistent branding across all marketing collaterals to increase client trust and confidence.

Why Alvologic Technologies ?

Our contemporary designs and customer centric approach enables us to consistently meet the aesthetic requirements of all our clients. By building custom and intuitive websites, we ensure that you have a highly responsive, visually appealing, high visibility website that enables you to showcase your business and reach the targeted audience.

Highlights of our web design services:

Responsive design:We build responsive, custom websites that work across multiple devices.

Rich User Experience:With the advent of CSS3, the rules for having a rich user experience have changed. Having a great website doesn’t require extensive use of images. We use SASS, CSS3 and php5 that achieve most front-end effects, which were achievable only with images in the past. Our front-end team has extensive knowledge of EmberJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS, which are used to build fast, scalable applications. For websites that we build, we adhere to web standards and w3c validation.

Turnkey website design:We invest time in understanding your business, and learning about your services, target audience, and competitors before delving into web design. We handle all aspects of the design process, from defining objectives to launching your website.

The Alvologic Technologies Advantage
  • Extensive experience in building and designing over a 100 web sites for various industries.
  • Diligent implementation of latest design trends, namely responsive, parallax and infinite. Primarily, we are a team of web developers. Hence, our designs are contemporary and built with the latest front-end technologies in the industry.
  • Our selective recruitment process ensures that only the most qualified, passionate, experienced and dedicated team of professional web designers with experience in cutting edge web design tools and technologies, work on your projects.

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