Hire an extended arm for your business and expedite your project’s time-to-market

Enterprises continually face the daunting task of hiring skilled resources and qualified professionals such as web developers, computer programmers, and project managers to develop web applications. Organizations incur huge expenditure and time in hiring an external staffing consultant to help identify qualified candidates. In addition, companies that experience unexpected project spikes due to internal or customer requirement find it difficult to recruit trained and experienced developers or programmers in short duration, to meet pressing business needs

Dedicated development team to enhance and support your applications

AlvologicTechnologies staff augmentation services allows you to work with a dedicated team of qualified IT professionals to develop, deploy, maintain and support your website and applications. Our team comprising web application experts, including developers, quality control engineers, and project managers are well versed with a multitude of skills, such as RoR programming, PHP programming, automation testing, custom application development, e-Commerce solutions and more.

We select experts from our pool of engineers to form teams with skills suitable for your project.

Why Alvologic Technologies ?

Our domain knowledge, selective recruitment and on-the-job training ensure that our team is consistently able to meet individual client needs. We offer dedicated developers in various technologies, to businesses of various sizes, ranging from startups to enterprises.AlvologicTechnologies has over a decade of experience providing dedicated development teams for hire in a managed environment. By partnering with us, you can leverage our:

  • Expertise in building scalable applications deployed in challenging, real-time environments
  • Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of professional web developers with experience in cutting edge technologies and platforms in the field of web development
  • Experience with implementation of proven software development methodologies, including agile and waterfall
  • Capabilities to provide seamless integration with existing business processes and technologies

Related Case Studies


The client was looking for an outsourcing vendor to provide long-term development support and also engage in future release of different product versions. Alvologic Technologies dedicated development team of PhP developers helped the client expedite time to market by serving as an extended arm of their current development team.


The client, Zenofon required a dedicated team of PhP developers with expertise in Cake PhP framework, for their internal projects. A dedicated team of PhP developers worked closely with the client to build the SMS based account management system