72%* of IT professionals acknowledge that traditional software is too slow hampering their digital innovation. Is your business one amongst facing this challenge?

Organizations face the daunting task of running the businesses with software that is outdated or not performing up to the expectations. According a recent survey conducted by Appian, 87 percent of IT decision makers believe custom software is driving innovation in business technology. The Alvologic Technologies team has developed and implemented wide range of custom software applications for diversified industry verticals in a span of 6 years since its inception in 2009.

Do you have the next big idea? Turn your business ideas into market-ready custom software products
  • Expertise in building custom software solutions for startups and established large enterprises.
  • End-to-end support from planning, architecture design, and UI development, to integration, implementation, QA and security testing.
  • Outsourced product development model to reduce costs, reduce time to market, maintain high quality, and add features with every release.
Looking to accelerate speed-to-market through custom software solutions? Here’s how you can do it by partnering with Asahi Technologies:

Detailed business and risk analysis:We start by understanding your business objectives and the real life business challenges you are attempting to solve. We provide software solutions after analyzing the risks and threats involved, to successfully help you solve business problems.

Robust technology stack:We map your business requirements to an appropriate platform or technology based on the scope and scalability requirements of your project.

Custom and off-the-shelf software:Our consultants guide you on whether custom software or out-of-the-box solution is the most suitable for your business needs.

Accurate budgeting of costs and time:We assess your requirements thoroughly and propose realistic estimate of the budget and time required to complete the project.

Process focused solutions:Experienced project managers who follow the agile software development processes lead our project management practice.

Get the Alvologic Technologies Advantage

Our product development expertise, industry certified programmers and consultants, and on-the-job training ensures that our team is consistently able to meet individual client requirements. We offer dedicated software engineering services, to businesses of various sizes and verticals, ranging from startups to enterprises.

By outsourcing your custom software development to us, you can leverage our expertise with:
  • Building innovative custom software solutions from start to finish and deploying in real-time environments
  • Implementation of proven software development methodologies, namely agile and waterfall
  • Seamless integration of your existing business processes and technologies
  • Scrum development for managing projects and on-time delivery to clients